What is the square root of 120x

Accepted Solution

 ok your prob not goin to get away with putting it in your calculator and writing a decimal as your answer so ill explain. 

but i don't know the symbol for square root but ill use () parentheses. 

so we are trying to find the answer to 

if it were (16) then we could easily say 4 because 4 times 4 is 16 but 120 isn't so easy because whatever times itself that equal 120 is a weird number (decimal) 

ill give you 2 rules that will help us: 
the first is that you can break up the number in the root (or parenthesis because i can't find the symbol) as long as you use multiplcation 

so (120) is the same as (12 x 10)......or (6 x 20) make sure that made sense. 

and the 2nd rule is you can take any of those number out of the () if you take there square root. so if you had (4 x 6 ) you could take 4 out and make it a 2......2(6) or if you had (9 x 10) you could take 9 out and make it a 3 3(10) because 3 times 3 is nine 

thats hard to type but i know you can follow it if you re read it 

so (120) is like (6x 20) and we can break that down to (6x5x4) because 6x5x4 still equals 120 

we can pull the 4 out and make it a 2.....so.... 
2(6x5).....or 2(30)......2 root 30 is the simplified version i think your supposed to come up with 

you have to remember the () are supposed to be root signs but i can't write it.