Using the side-splitter theorem, which segment length would complete the proportion? A. GFB. JHC. GJD. EF

Accepted Solution

Answer:B. JHStep-by-step explanation:Side-splitter theorem states that if a line is parallel to one of the sides of a triangle and intersects two other sides, then it divides the two other sides in equal proportion.As per the given diagram,We see line [tex]JH[/tex] is such a line which is parallel to side [tex]EF[/tex] of [tex]\triangle GEF[/tex].Thus it divides [tex]GE \ and \ GF[/tex] in equal proportion as below.[tex]\frac{GH}{HE}=\frac{GJ}{JF}[/tex]Thus [tex]JH[/tex] would complete the proportion.