PLsss help 15 points!In the figure below, △ABC ~ △PQR. If the Area of △ABC is 40 cm2, what is the area of △PQR? show your work.

Accepted Solution

Answer:90 square cm.Step-by-step explanation:For similar figures, the length of corresponding sides are proportional.So we can write 4k = 6 where k is the proportionality constant.Note: In terms of area, the scale factor would be k^2 and in terms of volume, it would be k^3ySolving 4k = 6, we see that k = 6/4 or 3/2We need area, so we multiply area of ABC by k^2 to get area of PQR.[tex]40(\frac{3}{2})^2\\=40(\frac{9}{4})\\=90[/tex]Area of PQR = 90 cm^2