Identify an equation in standard form for a hyperbola with center (0, 0), vertex (0, 17), and focus (0, 19).

Accepted Solution

Answer:The equation of the hyperbola is y249βˆ’x272=1 Explanation:This is a hyperbola with a vertical transverse axis.The general equation is(yβˆ’k)2a2βˆ’(xβˆ’h)2b2=1 The center is C=(h,k)=(0,0) As the foci are F=(0,11) and F'=(0,βˆ’11) c=11 As the vertices are A=(0,7) and A'=(0,βˆ’7) a=7 Andb2=c2βˆ’a2=112βˆ’72=121βˆ’49=72 The equation of the hyperbola isy249βˆ’x272=1 graph{(y^2/49-x^2/72-1)=0 [-60.26, 56.84, -20.9, 37.6]}