Amir, Bobby, Cario, and Dante are on a baseball team. Their coach is going to select two of them randomly to be home plate umpire and field umpire at an upcoming little league game.What is the probability that Cario will be selected as home plate umpire and Amir will be selected as field umpire?

Accepted Solution

Answer:1/12Step-by-step explanation:There are 4 members total (Amir, Bobby, Cario, and Dante). You have to set up an equation:1/4 *1/3You get 1/4 from Cario because there is only one of him and 4 members present. Then, you get 1/3 from Amir because, again, there's only one Amir and this time only 3 members to choose from, since Cario was already picked beforehand.Multiply 1*1 to get 1. And then multiply 4*3 to get 12. Your final answer should be 1/12