2.Which situation represents an inverselyproportional relationship?A. The number of miles Rashid drivesincreases over a period of 5 hours.B. The amount of money Jackie spendson tomato plants increases with thenumber of tomato plants she buys.As the temperature increases, the icecream shop's sales increase.Robin has $100 to share evenly withhis cousins at the fair. As the numberof cousins who arrive increases, theamount that each person receivesdecreases.D.

Accepted Solution

Inversely proportional : it is relationship between two variables in which when one variable's value is increasing than other one is decreasing.Situation A : The number of miles Rashid drives increases over a period of 5 hours.→ in this situation both variable no. of miles and period of time are increasing. so it is not represent a inversely proportional relationship.in next two situation , two variables are increasing with each other. so we take last situation ↓Situation : Robin has $100 to share evenly with his cousins at the fair. As the number of cousins who arrive increases, the amount that each person receivesdecreases.→ in this situation , both variable viz no. of cousins and amount they got is inversely proportional to each other. when no. of cousins are increasing than amount is decreasing. so this last one situation represent the inversely proportional relationship.thanks ❤